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one of the most advanced and cheapest way to enhance your wardrobe is online shopping.There are lots of e commerce websites with different clothing assessories there are lots of great brands out there that cannot afford to be on a big website or own their outlet stores you will get fantastic cloths  online at great price at a discount but for smaller website I list some of my favourite website below. Now you need to remember that a lot of guys are afraid of shopping online because they afraid that size of cloths  might not be accurate according to their body type. but online shopping is very competitive sector so the website you shop on readily exchange cloths and all that its just about trial be open to shopping online because sometime big brands are listed on much lower price than they are in the outlet source

2. export rejects or factory outlet

Lot of big brands have their manufacturing facilities industries in smaller countries like India china Indonesia and most of the time when cloths are manufactured in bulk. Some of the pieces of clothing have some kind of small faults in them like the thread is striking out or wrong color thread used in small part of the clothing basically small mistake in that piece clothing so when these cloths are manufactured so then brand rejects some of those. So thee pieces are again in certain countries like Thailand,India,China.there are export rejects cloths all over the country these are insane for shopping as quality of cloths are just like international brands.

3. pack of cloths.

There are brands like roadster, forever 21, levi’s and many more which sells packs of 2-3. in price of 1 t shirt you will get like 3 great v neck for around 700 rs  it is like more than 200 rs for 1 t shirt which are last forever it is a great investment for everyday of the advantage of buying a pack of t shirt is that their fitting is absolutely perfect with a lot of variety these are very budget friendly.

4. washing and stitching

Find yourself a tailor and get into a habit of stitching cloths it a little extra effort but you are saving a lot of money you can easily recreate those Zara pants by simply juts go to cloth market buy a peace of cloth for about 400-500 rs go to the good tailor who knows the way you like wearing cloths and get some pants stitched this apply to shirts as well its great alternative to actually going to  branded store and buying banded cloths and spending all your money you are saving 75% of price by just taking a little extra effort

When it comes to washing your cloths golden rule apply is look at the label it is says machine wash only or hand wash only. secondly when you are washing a new piece of clothing don’t use the clothing brush it can ruin the texture of that piece of cloth also remember while drying out a piece of clothing if its new and gentle don’t twist it it might it might ruin your piece of clothing which make it look old. If you want to make your cloth look good for long period just be smart about washing.

5. shoe-life-price-care


Buying shoes in India the cheaper shoe will wore out very fast for example if you buy a shoes for 1000-1200 rs there is  a good chance it might wore out in 5-10 wears.Invest in some good quality shoes that  fits your priority. there are also good quality shoes available in market for reasonable price like roadster.Care for shoes is must to look cool and classy firstly buy a good pair of shoe trees these are object which you used in your shoes to preventing from bending and loosing shape. Secondly if you are wearing loafers go and buy a loafer socks very important keeping your fresh for a long time.

note:- for your cloth shoe rub candle on the top of it which makes them waterproof.



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