Basic skin healthcare routine for men.

 Face is the mirror of mind and to clean the mirror(face) we just need to follow some easy steps so that our lifestyle get more easier. Grooming Tips is the essential part of men’s lifestyle Lets go and follow this skincare routine and you will never deal with :- Acne. blemishes,skin Bumps, Skin Irritation or any kind of skin problems. But you get to follow this routine 100 percent .

                                                                                           Skin Issue good bye!!! 

Face Washing Routine

1. Wash your face at least twice a day once before going to bed and once in the morning just after you get up. You can wash your face third time during middle of your day after your cardio or workout session.

2. orko Use mild face wash or use 100 percent herbal face wash if you have herbal plants at your home.                                         One of my favourite brands are :-




 The product i use is Rose water face wash and ayurvedic aloe vera gel which are again a Khadi products and which cost you around 200 Rs each.


  • Wash your face after shave or shower because after shave or shower pores of your skin slightly opens and face wash helps clean the face and provide certain nutrients in your face.
  • Apply face wash in a circular motion for 10 minutes all over the face.
  • Use tapid water to wash your face neither too hot nor too cold because it can damage your skin or harm the good bacteria of your face which can result to skin problems.


  • Use herbal or baby moisturizers because these products includes lee chemicals and does not clog your skin pores.

  • Use cotton balls and apply rose water in it and rub gently to your face on a circular motion massage it gently 5 minute twice a day and you will see the results.
  • Or Apply a liitle bit of lime water to your face and rub it gently with cotton balls and add some fresh aloevera gel from the pulp. Wash your face with ice cubes after 10 minutes while applying and you are good to go with fresh and shiny skin.

Diet and Lifestyle Factor

 Diet and lifestyle factor are one of the major factor that lead to good functioning of human body there are some weight loss diet plan to achieve the goals and look better thus it enhances one personality.

  • Quit Sugar or reduce the intake of sugar in your diet as it can cause acne on your face.
  • Reduce junk food 
  • Avoid packaged fried snacks 
  • Vegetables and fruits in your diet specially fruits rich in vitamin c and green leafy vegetables
  • Do not overdo with any kind of food like eggs or chicken for vegetarians do not overdo with paneer or soya chunks.
 Stress is the major factor which leads to various diseases and it disturbs the harmonal effects on our body by reducing cortisol in our body which directly leads to skin problems.


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