Manali is a high altitude Himalayan town in India at northern Himachal Pradesh. It is reputated  as the best tourist destination for trekking and leisure. My experience was much more excited when i first travel to Manali.



 My Journey started at 29 th feb 2019 it took around 12 hour to reach Manali from Delhi it took around around 12 hr to reach manali the distance we covered by bus is around 530 km. After we reach Manali we took a cab for mall road which is around 12km far from main town and at the time we booked a package details below :-

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HOTEL NAVEEN PACKAGE AT 8000rs includes:-

  • 2 deluxe room with attached washroom (3 nights)
  • Breakfast and dinner 
  • personal cab to Kasol and Solang valley.
  • visit kullu temples (hotel cab)

2. Hanging out in mall road

distance Hanging out in mall road is best experience one ever had as Manali is best explored on foot. There are various small markets where you can enjoy delicious street food. After walking up the hills we reached old manali by walking it hardly took 20 minutes to reach Hadimba temple situated in Old Manali . Also you can reach old manali by walking through Vn Vihar National Park.


Van vihar national park is a great place to explore  nature which is covered with Deodar Trees and its a haven for nature lovers. We spent a lot of time here clicking pictures.

Boating is also a great thing to do in Van Vihar National Park as during the time of winters it is closed. But good time to visit Van Vihar is between march and june. 

Here are some shots of Van Vihar.


After exploring manali we moved to most adventureous place which is solang valley. It is the most beautyful place in India. It is a top valley in Kullu. If you are looking to indulge in activities like paragliding, gondola and more the lush green summers are the ideal time. But if you are winter lover wanted the taste of skiing and skating , November to February is the best time to visit this place.


Adi Brahma Temple of Khokhan

One of the famous temples in kullu the unique temple of Adi Brahma is located  close to bBhuntar road on alink road moving toward the village from Shamshi . At there we also had a langar prashad which is the tradition .and after that we moved on to oure next destination. Which is Kasol and gurudhwara shri  Mnikaran sahib.


 The Gurudhwara is believed to be sacred by the Sikhs and the Hindus , each having their own reasons behind their beliefs. According to Sikhs , Guru Nanak Li performed several miracles here and Hindus believe that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati stayed here for almost 1100 years. The Gurudhwara is alsa mentioned in the ‘Twelfth Guru Khalsa by Giani Gian Sikh which makes it more pure and significant for its disciples. There are three hot springs where one can take a bath, one being inside the Gurudhwara itself and the other two being privatised by the guesthouse. Different sections for men and women are made at the bathing place. The water in these s[rings contains uranium , sulphur and other radioactive elements which are capable of curing tremendous diseases. The hot springs again have religious and spritual beliefs connected to it. The spiritual and religious connectivity makes the hot springs holy and a great place for pilgrims to paya a visit. The water is hot enough to prepare a food directly for thousands of devotees who visit to attain peace and spirituality. The water is auspecious and is boiling today as well


After visiting to gurudhwara manikaran sahib we went to explore Kasol which is around 4.5 km away from manikaran gurudhwara. Duw to shortage of time we explored some of the places in kasol like parvati river and other small districts of the city. But the city is filled with greenery all around and pleassant weaather which attract most of the tourist from all across the country. Nothing a sort of a nice stroll down , churning and fronthing streams and looming pine trees and exciting scenes of cliffs and waterfalls.

 After exporing the beautiful city of manali and kasol we went back to  delihi from bhuntar which is nearest bus stand from kasol.Manali trip is unforgettable .

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