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  • Purchase
    shoes that suit your present closet: What great does it do to purchase the
    most recent ‘promotion’ style in the event that it sometimes falls short
    for your style? Try not to jump on the pattern prepare on the grounds that
    it’s going through. Pick shoes that supplement what you as of now have,
    not shoes that expect you to repurchase your whole closet. We’re taking a
    gander at you Yeezy sweethearts.
  • Wear
    them to the correct events (don’t go excessively easygoing): Sneakers are
    unimaginably flexible, however they’re not a viable alternative for dress
    shoes. You can escape with sports shoes with any taking a break furnish –
    and maybe even some easygoing, unstructured suits – yet they’re not
    implied for each event (i.e. weddings). Blunder in favor of overdressed
    instead of undressed.
  • Keep
    them clean: It doesn’t make a difference how cool your sports shoes are,
    the impact will be lost on the off chance that they’re not immaculate.
    Legitimate tennis shoe support incorporates washing the bands, wiping out
    scents, brushing the outsoles, and utilizing shoe trees and shoe shields.

  Smart Casual Shoes and Jeans Combinations

Once your shoes get more embellished than simple
sneakers, it’s time to step up into smart casual. We’ve written about this
and the key is riding the line between formal and informal.

This is where pairing your jeans with a solid pair
of shoes gets more confusing. Your jeans still have some flexibility
color-wise, but if you haven’t already slimmed up the cut of your jeans, it’s a
must for this look.

For blue jeans, the only firm taboos are super
light wash, true blue, and anything distressed. Light blues and some mild
fading are OK, and dark indigo works in any situation. For either of these
shades, desert boots should be your go-to.

Go for a brown pair, dark for your indigos, and
anything down into tan for your lighter shades. Desert boots stride the line
perfectly and should be a smart casual staple. You can also whip out those
brogues once your style heads this direction.

For black jeans, it can be a little harder to not
drift into formal. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re going for a
laid back style, it can be frustrating. To avoid that, pair your black jeans
with brown shoes.

Formal Ways To Wear Jeans and Shoes

Incorporating jeans into your formal wear is hard
enough without considering the shoes. Your top half should be typical coat and
tie. Keep it slim cut. Gray or blue are your best bets for the blazer.

Four your jeans, the color options are severely
limited. Stick with either dark indigo or black. The fit should be slim to
skinny, and they have to hit your shoes in the same way dress pants would.
Leave a little bit of ankle showing.

Now that we have that out of the way, what shoes
are you going to slip on? A lot of people would suggest brown penny loafers or
desert boots. Unfortunately, you run the risk of slipping backwards into smart
casual. Penny loafers are very business casual, and desert boots are too

Your best bet is going to be a low top pair of
brogues or derbies. For blue jeans these should be brown. Black can work, but
it often looks like someone that doesn’t know how to dress put on their
fanciest shoes and thinks that means fashionable.

For black jeans, keep it black. Since black on
black won’t pop like brown on blue, you have a little bit of leeway. Black
Chelsea boots will give you a sleek silhouette, but having your socks pop out
above a nice pair of brogues can have a more fashionable appeal.


casual dress
casual shoes

ray ban eyewear


  • WATCHES- Classic dressing will keep
    you classic showing the people by wearing watches. the guy who is busy and
    time matters to him.It complete the look of your entire outfit.

Try figure out various designs according to your
outfit.These are some which are formally suited with any outfits.

  • BELTS-Belts are worn for both function and style. A
    seemingly small accessory, they can have a surprisingly large impact on the
    impression you make. They can be a piece that pulls an outfit together, or end
    up becoming a distraction that sabotages its overall effect.

Unfortunately, many men don’t know anything about
belts, besides the fact that they go around their waist.

So today we’ll talk about when to wear one, the
different types, when to choose one kind over another, and how to buy a quality
belt that fits you right.


100 years ago, a man would own at least a few hats.

Today, sunglasses have taken their place and hats are worn by only a very few
men. While they certainly protect your eyes, they are also an excellent way to
add personal style to your outfit. With that said, there are some hard and fast
rules one should adhere to when wearing shades.One of the most casual and affordable sunglasses are listed below

Ray-ban, fastrack, oakley, Tom martin are some of the most affordable sunglasses brands in India.

Last but not least is come to mentality and
confidence of men and sense of fashion that is needed to be understand.


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