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So You should always dress for yourself and be comfortable while doing so these two things go hand in hand.But at the end of the day,when you have a crush on someone,you are always going to thinking about to impress her.You know i’m not wrong.For all of us guys regardless of how suave we are we want our crush to like us. So without pickup line and conversation tactics I’m going to show how to get your crush to like you simply by what you wear. Sound simple enough so lets get started.

1.The Henley Tee or Full Sleeves Tee

men tee

Wearing this style shirt just makes a women melt for you.When you throw one of these on, your collor bone popes out, your biceps are super defined and your chest just pouring for her eyes to see. This style of shirt comes in short and long sleeves options. My favorite is a simple, all white,long sleeves.It makes your body look amazing. If you have a crush you’re trying to impress,this will do the trick. Buy this amazing tee click here

Another advantage is that the V-cut in the front can send a signal of masculine sexuality – of course you ned to have other things in check to pull this off.Henley’s are typically cotton or synthetic blend,which makes them both affordable and low-maintenance.You can throw them in the washing machine without worrying too much about your setting.All told,it’s cheap,low maintenance garment a lot variety to the wardrobe at very little cost or effort.


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Wearing some jewelry is always a plus to any outfit.Jewelry just adds that next dimension of style to your outfit.Not only does a bracelet brings out your forearms and muscular qualities, but it also shows that you embrace your manliness.Wearing jewelry shows that you are confident stud that everyone should be envying. I I see too many guys nowadays not wearing jewelry, because they think it’s too “feminine”.Well they’re all wrong. Wearing jewelry shows makes you more of a man.

3.Grown-Up Shoes

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When a girl sees you at least try when dressing yourself,they love it. When you get rid of the sneakers and throw on some grown up shoes, you’ll notice how her eyes light up. Women love sophistication and class in a man. If you dress like you mean business, women will see and it could possibly make them spark an interest in you. These “grown-up” shoes could just be a simplistic shoe, such as a Chuck boot or a Chelsea boot. Just put on a pair of shoes that makes you stand out as sophisticated.


4.A Leather Jacket

Leather jackets just give off that “bad boy” vibe to women. No, you don’t have to commit any felonies to wear one of these So, what are you waiting for? Women love this look. It attracts them to you, and all you have to do is throw one on. It’s not as easy as throwing on a leather jacket and instantly ladies come chasing after you, but you get the point. A leather jacket makes you look tough and like a protector, women melt for this type guy.

5.A Button Down

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Throwing on a sexy button up shirt is essential if you want to get a girl to like you. Women love a man who can dress.They don’t want a kid who still wear animated t shirt. The best way to wear one of these shirts is to have the sleeves rolled up to your elbows so your muscular forearms are showing, as well as your sexy bracelet. This will make a girl faint over you, seriously!

6.A Well-Tailored Suit

mens suit
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When it comes to men in suits, people always have the feeling that only successful and important people wear suits, so if a guy is wearing a suit, he must have done something right.Wearing a suit that fits perfectly to your body is such a turn on to women. But, you have to wear your suit for the right occasions. Don’t be a guy who wears’s a suit all the time to try and impress everyone. Also, don’t be the guy who shows up to an occasion that require a suit and you’re not wearing one. Just get a good fitting suit and wear it when the time is right, you’ll definitely impress your crush this way.

7.Flannel Shirts

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Nothing says cool and casual like a flannel shirt. While the garment my be simple, it’s also a wardrobe staple that every man should own. Although the name may induce thoughts of the country, it’s time to think again. Flannel has made a comeback and is now regularly spotted on the streets around the globe. Check out this guide on how to wear a flannel shirt and you’ll be rocking this casual look in no time. That outfit will make the women of your dreams super impressed with how you dress.


8.Workout Clothes

If you have an outfit that suggests that you work out and take care of your body you are dressing the right way. Women love it when a man takes care of themselves and promotes a lean or healthy figure. Wearing an active hoodie with good fitting sweatpants will make you look gym ready, and that you are conscientious about your healthy lifestyle.

9.Crew Neck Sweaters

men sweater
men sweater


You’ll need sweaters for the early spring weather and there’s enough diffrent styles out there that you might need a guide before you head out on your big and tall sweater journey. Basically crew neck sweaters are most attractive apparel for the winters which looks great on any body type. This is a perfect clothing item to have in your closet, now that fall is around the corner. Women love a man who can pull of a sweater, it’s just a fact. The best type of crew neck sweater to wear in my opinion is one that is cable knit. This style of a sweater just fits the body amazing and makes you look stylish and suave.


10.Boxer Briefs

mens boxersmens

Men, you should know this by now. You’re too old to be wearing regular boxers anymore, stick to a good fitting pair of briefs. Briefs just scream that you are mature, which women love. Boxers briefs make men look more muscly.

Boxer’s briefs are like the Goldilocks of men’s underwear. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right.


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